Sain and Niall are two brothers, and two very different people. Born into the Gestonian Empire, they have only ever known a nation at war. For them, peace is but a fairy tale. In a world beset by conflict, political turmoil and magical atrocities, they both must make their own way, and discover what they are truly capable of.

In a city ruled by corruption, Sain is a teenager constantly dodging crime and brutality, seemingly always living on the edge.

But one day, Sain's master, the magical researcher Clyde asks him to help out in an experiment, one that could set up him up for life even as another, more sinister person seeks to destroy the life Sain already has. 

And Niall, an airman in training, tries to help Sain before he is shipped off to fight a war for the Empire that they call home. 
Will these two brothers overcome the threats in their life, or succumb to them?


The Gestonian Series Book One - The Sky

Niall and Sain have both taken momentous steps forward in their lives. Niall has risen through the ranks of the air force and has become entrenched in the inner circle of an Imperial Royal. Sain has gained his freedom and yet become stranded in an unfamiliar nation, a Union ruled by warlords and dictators. With no path to follow, he has joined this Unions military, seeing it as a chance to start a new life. 

As Niall takes on more responsibility from his liege to learn, Sain is conscripted into the forces under the command of Sembak Fuldhouser, a Union Commander. Even as Sain begins to fulfill his duty, his old captor extends their reach to the union, trying once more to bring Sain back into their control, and setting off unimaginable consequences in the process.

The Gestonian Series Book Two - A New Be